Tips To Catch His Attention Successfully

Now think about your least favorite leaders and why. His Secret Obsession There are leaders that people love to follow and there are leaders that people have to follow and the difference between the two is often how well they developed their emotional intelligence. Leaders with a highly developed emotional intelligence are perceived by their followers as more open, optimistic, approachable, understanding, confident and capable than those who rely solely on their position to assert leadership. It can be argued that a high EI is actually more important than a high IQ when it comes to motivating and moving people. So what are their secrets to leadership? Are leaders born with this trait or do they develop it themselves. Check out the list and judge for yourself.

The first secret of leadership is the ability to be able to identify and understand your own emotions. Knowing why you feel angry or sad or elated or any of the powerful emotions will allow you to control them. Rather than acting instinctively, the strong leader can identify the emotion they are feeling and do a rapid analysis and respond rationally.

Stress is basically a form of fear and is an enormous distraction. Left unchecked, stress can lead to irrational responses, paralyses, poor judgments, damaged relations and of course low productivity. Understanding the cause of the stress and being able to rationally evaluate those causes eliminates the fear factor and allows the leader to relax and focus on a logical approach to any challenge.